Pauline’s Pet Grooming 

Pet Services

Hydro surge bubble bath with shampoo chosen specifically for your pet’s special skin and coat needs, a fluff-dry by hand, a hair cut depending on the style we have previously discussed, a nail trim, ear cleaning and plucking if needed, anal gland check and expressing if full, teeth brushing, and lastly cologne and complimentary bandana or bows.

About Jessica

I’ve been an animal lover for as long as I can remember and have always tried to have them in my life. I was first introduced to grooming at a young age by a family friend and fell in love with the dogs. I worked in pet stores throughout high school, determined to always be working in some way with animals. Finally 10 years ago I took a grooming course and knew that this is what I wanted to do! I was lucky to have the most amazing teacher and was able to get my certification and travel all over to seminars. I still love my job and look forward to grooming for years to come!


Talented Staff

I am blessed with the most amazing and talented staff who have been with me for many years so whether I greet you at the door or “one of the girls” does, you can be assured your loved one will be well taken care of the whole time it is here. While at Pauline’s, your dog will also be greeted by some new furry friends who can help in settling any nerves it may have about getting a hair cut. We allow the dogs to socialize and you will be astounded by how well they all get along. Kennels are provided for those who prefer their own space. We try and make their experience here as enjoyable as possible. We have dog beds in all the corners of the shop, fresh water put out, toys to play with, and even cookies when they are done their grooms (providing moms say it’s okay).

Cat Grooming

Did I mention we do cat grooming? We do quite a few kitties actually. The “lion cut” is one of our specialties. We work in teams of two to groom kitties; one groomer holds, comforts and reassures the cat while the other grooms it as quickly and safely as possible. Cats can be a bit difficult sometimes and that’s why their cost is more than the average dog to groom. Still, we love our cats and the challenge of grooming them.

Dog Grooming

I have been operating in Penticton for over 16 years during which time I’ve have had the immense pleasure of seeing dogs for their first professional groom right through until their last. I have even gotten to know customers’ next generation of furry loved ones. I find it a huge honour that people entrust their pets to me, and I don’t take that trust lightly. Each pet that comes through the door is treated as if it were my own—with kindness, love and compassion while striving to make it looks its absolute best. I work with you to find a hair cut that best suits you and your pet’s lifestyle.

Grooming Prices


average price


average price


average price



All our prices are based on $45 per hour of actually worked-on time (not the length of time your pet is on our premises). I’ve chosen to set my prices in this way to keep it fair for everybody. The person who brushes their dog at home and comes in for professional grooming on a regular basis is going to pay much less than someone who only comes in once or twice a year with a very matted dog.


Here are some pictures of the wonderful pets we get to pamper.